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Nickel Foil, Ni Foil

Nickel Foil, Ni Foil

Product name:Nickel Foil, Ni Foil



Yourfoils Regular Production Lines April. 2022 /Nickel Foil
Line No. Material Dimensions(mm) Purity Quantity Temper
Ni034-0025 Nickel Foil 5μm×150mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0030 Nickel Foil 5μm×200mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0040 Nickel Foil 5μm×305mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0043 Nickel Foil 5μm×350mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0046 Nickel Foil 5μm×452mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0100 Nickel Foil 10μm×100mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0130 Nickel Foil 10μm×200mm×Roll 99.95% 1m/2m/5m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0145 Nickel Foil 10μm×305mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0155 Nickel Foil 10μm×350mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0162 Nickel Foil 10μm×450mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0300 Nickel Foil 20μm×100mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0303 Nickel Foil 20μm×80mm×Roll 99.50% 1m/2m/5m Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0315 Nickel Foil 20μm×200mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0319 Nickel Foil 20μm×305mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0335 Nickel Foil 20μm×350mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0345 Nickel Foil 20μm×450mm×Roll 99.95% 50m Electrodeposited Yourfoils 
Ni034-0411 Nickel Foil 25μm×100mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0418 Nickel Foil 25μm×150mm×Roll 99.50% 20m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0510 Nickel Foil 50μm×100mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0515 Nickel Foil 50μm×150mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0523 Nickel Foil 50μm×230mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0528 Nickel Foil 50μm×254mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0810 Nickel Foil 80μm×100mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0815 Nickel Foil 80μm×150mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0823 Nickel Foil 80μm×230mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0828 Nickel Foil 80μm×254mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-0839 Nickel Foil 80μm×280mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-1100 Nickel Foil 0.1mm×100mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-1150 Nickel Foil 0.1mm×150mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-1230 Nickel Foil 0.1mm×230mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-1250 Nickel Foil 0.1mm×250mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-1280 Nickel Foil 0.1mm×280mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-1305 Nickel Foil 0.1mm×305mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-1330 Nickel Foil 0.1mm×330mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-1380 Nickel Foil 0.1mm×380mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2100 Nickel Foil 0.2mm×100mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2150 Nickel Foil 0.2mm×150mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2230 Nickel Foil 0.2mm×230mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2250 Nickel Foil 0.2mm×250mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2280 Nickel Foil 0.2mm×280mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2305 Nickel Foil 0.2mm×305mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2330 Nickel Foil 0.2mm×330mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2406 Nickel Foil 0.2mm×400mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2510 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×100mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2515 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×150mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2520 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×230mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2525 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×250mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2528 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×280mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2530 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×305mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2533 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×330mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2540 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×400mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2544 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×432mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2547 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×457mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-2555 Nickel Foil 0.25mm×483mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5100 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×100mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5115 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×150mm×Roll 99.50% 10m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5220 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×230mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5250 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×250mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5280 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×280mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5305 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×305mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5330 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×330mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5400 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×400mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-432 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×432mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5457 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×457mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5483 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×483mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5510 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×510mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Ni034-5610 Nickel Foil 0.5mm×610mm×Roll 99.50% 5m  Cold Rolled Yourfoils 
Yourfoils specializes in producing Higher Pure Nickel Metal Foils,Sheets,Wafers 
in thicknesses from 5um to 20mm.In addition to these,Yourfoils is skilled at maching 
part of pure Nickel & Nickel alloy materials,too. 
Special order available upon request.
If you can not find the sizes from above standard items, 
feel free to contact us at
Forms available
                ● Foil     
                ● Sheet  
                ● Ribbon  
                ● Wafer    
                ● Rod  
                ● Mesh  
                ● Tube                
                ● Machining part  

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